Truck Camping Tents

If you already own a pickup truck or an SUV, then truck camping tents (or "suv tents") may be the best option for you to use on your next camping trip.

Setting up a tent on your truck bed provides a more even surface than the rocky ground. You'll still want to use some kind of padding, though, to keep yourself comfortable throughout the night. You could use a foam pad below your sleeping bag, or even an air mattress.

Camping Alone
If you'll be exploring the great outdoors by yourself, it's easy to setup your tent on your truck or SUV. Since you won't be transporting as much food and equipment as you would if you were going with a group, traveling in your truck lets you do more, with less space.

Camping With Your Spouse
Taking your spouse with you on your grand adventure? During the day, you can store your supplies in the truck bed as you drive. Then at night, when you're ready to sleep after your long and exciting day, you can quickly and easily move your supplies to the front seats of the truck, and setup your tent and sleeping bags on the truck bed.

Depending on the size of your truck, the sleeping area could be quite cozy, so keep that in mind as you pack up your supplies before your trip - bring only what you can fit in the front cab of the truck.

Camping With The Family
Camping with the whole family can be fun and exciting. Camping in a truck or SUV can make the experience even funner, because of the extra space that is available.

When camping with more than one other person, you'll need more space than the truck bed offers. So you'll want what's called a "full size truck or suv tent." Part of the tent covers the truck bed (or back of the SUV), and the main part of the tent extends into a standard-size tent that sits on the ground.

This setup allows for easier access to belongings, since the inside of the truck bed or SUV opens up to the whole tent. In bed and forgot the reading light? No problem. Just walk over to the back of the SUV and find the light. No need to unzipper the tent door and walk over to your vehicle.

Whether you're camping by yourself, with your spouse, or with your family, truck camping tents can help you enjoy your outdoor adventure even more.

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