Canvas Wall Tent vs. Other Materials

Looking for a good canvas wall tent for your next outdoor expedition? Not sure if canvas is the right option? Well, you're come to the right place. Let's talk about what canvas material has to offer, as well a few other types of material available.

First of all, canvas is very durable. This makes it the ideal material for the regular camper, especially those who camp out in regions that see a lot of rain, wind, and harsh elements. Family tents are usually made out of canvas. It is a heavyweight material, meaning it will keep a lot of the wind outside of the tent, and it is designed to resist water and general condensation. That said, you will want to dry out your canvas wall tent before folding it up and putting it away. Otherwise, mold or mildew could form, which is not easy to remove.

Secondly, canvas is heavier than most other materials. Therefore, it is not ideal for hikers or people who will be carrying their tent long distances. Materials like nylon or polyester are options that are better suited for hikers and backpackers.

Nylon or polyester camping tents are much lighter than canvas wall tents. Thus, they are well-suited for the occasional camper who does not need all the benefits canvas offers. Although nylon and polyester are not as durable as canvas, they do last a long time.

In fact, a large portion of the tents sold these days are made of either nylon or polyester. You just need to be aware of the differences in these types of material, and plan accordingly. For example, if you'll be using a polyester tent, you may want to stake it down extra firmly if you expect it to take a beating in the wind and rain.

So keep these ideas in mind as you shop for a canvas wall tent, and make sure you choose a material that best fits your long-term camping needs.

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