Beach Canopy Tents -
Four Buying Tips

Beach canopy tents can be used to host special events on the beach, or just to stay out of the sun with the rest of the family during your vacation. Here are four things to keep in mind as you shop around for a good canopy tent to use at the beach.

Determine Necessary Size
If you are hosting a big party, festival, or special beach event, you'll obviously need lots of space for people to relax and socialize without the sun beating down on them. For a concert or group meeting, you'll need a large canopy, but if you're just holding a social event, you could instead set up a bunch of smaller canopies with different foods or activities under each canopy tent.

Or maybe you're going to the beach just with your family, and you want a small shade tent for you all to stay cool under. You could either get a large, tall tent to use for both sleeping in at night and relaxing in during the daytime. Or you could get two tents - one for sleeping in, and the other for staying in the shade during the daytime.

Keep The Tent Secured
Big canopies have the potential to be picked up by the wind. Make sure you plan accordingly and secure the tent with necessary stakes or sand anchors. If anchoring down the tent isn't practical, try using weight bags.

Buy vs. Rent
If you are planning on hosting a beach event on a regular basis, buying may be the best option. You only have to spend money once, but you can use the tent(s) as many times as you want. However, if you're planning a one-time event, it's definitely worth looking into the pricing of renting versus buying. The beach may even offer on-location rentals, which would save you the time and money required to pick up, transport, and drop off rented equipment.

Remember The Extras
You'll probably need more than just a beach canopy tent in order for you and your guests to be comfortable at your event. First of all, consider setting up windbreaker walls on your canopy to keep food or other items from blowing all over the place.

To make it feel more spacious, you could set up umbrellas outside the canopy tent for small groups of people to socialize. If you do use umbrellas, make sure you secure them to the ground very well so that they don't topple over in the wind.

Also, consider providing beach chairs and tables both under the canopy tent as well as under any umbrellas you set up away from the canopy. People tend to stick around longer if they have the option to sit down and relax.

Keep these tips in mind as you shop around for a good beach canopy tent. Doing proper research ahead of time can save you time and money in the long run.

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