1 Man Tent - Choosing The Right One

Everyone can benefit from spending some quality time alone, without thinking about the typical responsibilies that come up through a normal day.

Being alone with just your 1 man tent and a few supplies, you'll be able to spend time enjoying God's creation outside, and reflecting on your life in general.

An important thing to consider as you search for the best tent for your outdoor exploration, is the temprature and weather patterns of the region(s) in which you will be traveling. For hot, dry climates, using a simple bivy sack may suffice. A bivy sack is basically a glorified sleeping bag. But if you plan on traveling in harsh weather conditions, with rain and cold weather, you will want to have a sturdy tent that is built specifically for enduring the elements.

Something else you need to decide is what supplies you'll be carrying with you on your exploration. If your goal is to do lots of hiking, away from convenience stores and supermarkets, you'll need to carry all your supplies with you. So using a lightweight backpacking tent could help greatly by reducing the weight on your back as you hike. This way, you can carry everything with you (food and water, tent, clothes, etc.) on your back, eliminating the need to carry bags in your hands.

One big benefit of a 1 man tent is how quick and easy it is to set up, and you can set it up almost anywhere. Whether you'll be at a traditional camp site, or somwhere in the forest, on a mountain, or even in a cave, you can simply spread out your small tent, and snuggle up inside for the night. And since you'll be saving time setting up and taking down your tent, you'll have plenty more time to explore, think, eat, and to enjoy the weather.

Remember that 1 man tents are good for group camping trips, and not just independant trips. Traveling as a group has the advantage of greater protection, companionship, and teamwork. By each person having their own individual tent, a sense of independence is still maintained, despite the fact that you are in a group.

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